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Grant Writing Tips

In High-Demand: GrantWriterTeam Connects Proven Grant Writers to Job Opportunities
grant writing

Writing with a purpose is in high demand. GrantWriterTeam, a service of GrantWatch, receives a steady stream of requests from grant seekeres who are looking for proven grant writers to help secure funds for their projects from public and private foun...

By:Staff Writer
Grant Writing: Defining Mission and Vision Statements in Application Process

Mission and vision statements, are the first steps in the grant application process. The mission and vision statements should articulate the long-term direction that guides an organization's daily operations.

By:Staff Writer
Grant Writing: Eliminating the Confusion between Goals and Objectives

Successfull grant writing involves a statement that lists a clear set of goals tied to specific and measurable objectives. These components will provide a foundation for your proposal's arguments.

By:Staff Writer
Nonprofit Owes Debt of Gratitude to Student Grant Writer at Illinois Wesleyan Univeristy

Not all nonprofits are as lucky as YMCA McLean County to have a qualified grant writer at their disposal. Those among the 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States that continue to struggle to identify strong grant writers, who can produce a highly...

By:Staff Writer
10 Grant Writing Pointers Where grant writers and grant seekers are matched

There are 10 grant writing pointers to keep in mind when applying for a grant. When writing a grant, follow our advice. Hire a grant writer from to help you search for and apply for grants.

By:Libby Hikind
Grants with a Personal Touch Where grant writers and grant seekers are matched

Quotes from community members and public figures look great in the Needs section of a proposal. Gather the info and give it to your grant writer from It will be used to prove the need for the grant.

By:Lincoln Arneal
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Grant Writers- 41 Jobs at has 41 Jobs for Grant Writers

Grant Writers- We have 41 jobs ready for you! Sign up as a Grant Writer on to start bidding on our open jobs today. *FREE GIFT* of one month of when you sign up for (one month) to bid on grant wr...

By:Staff Writer
Competitive Nonprofits Where grant writers and grant seekers are matched

If you want to make your grant application more competitive, consider including the following: visual branding, a list of all your past, current and future programs and a description of your best fundraising events. Grant writers from GrantWrite...

By:GrantWriterTeam Staff Writer
Begin with the End in Mind

What can you do with a program that's just plain unworkable? Obtaining grant for a program that can't deliver results is a sure way to burn bridges with potential funding sources. When you begin with the end in mind, you design your...

By:Maryellen Hess Cameron

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